– Crypto Exchange Review: Really that good? review: Times are changing and trading is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Much more often we can come across terms like cryptocurrencies (electronic money, if you will). And over time, it will not be just a concept for us, but a daily reality. Many experts agree that this time is inexorably approaching and so there is a need to be aware of these things. Currently, we can meet cryptocurrencies on so-called crypto exchanges.

In today’s review, we will focus on a cryptocurrency exchange that entered the crypto world at the beginning of 2022 and now already has a very important award on its account, namely “Crypto Expo 2022” in Dubai in the category “Best Crypto Exchange Customer Service”.

So let’s get to know this crypto exchange.

If you look at the site, you will be surprised at the very beginning by the simplicity with which you can navigate here. Before you even dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, you can learn essential information about which cryptocurrencies you can trade, what security elements need to be observed to keep your funds safe, and also what bonus program offers you.

To begin with, we appreciate the very solid language support. The website is translated into 28 different languages, therefore, many crypto exchanges do not need to know any other language except their mother tongue, in order to be able to use the BITmarkets website.

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What we can trade with on

BITmarkets can trade more than 80 cryptocurrencies. We trade against USD and EUR. The offer includes the most well-known cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoincash, ripple or iota, as well as those that are starting out and companies see potential for trading in them.

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Revolution in spot trading

BITmarkets has revolutionized crypto trading by introducing zero spot trading fees for over 100 cryptocurrencies. This unprecedented move enhances accessibility, making crypto trading cost-effective and hassle-free. This sets BITmarkets apart as a game-changer in the industry. BITmarkets caters to diverse investors, making it an attractive and accessible choice for traders worldwide. Join the community for fee-free spot trading and experience the future of crypto exchanges.

Easy start

This bookmark really worked. You can easily calculate here how much you will pay in USD or EUR for any cryptocurrency offered by the company, completely with the current exchange rate. If you like the offer and find it interesting, you can make your purchase immediately and simply by using a payment card. It is the same with the sale of your electronic finances. You just click through, find out if your sale is profitable and go for it.

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Security and registration on is of course an advocate of security. After all, it is your finances. So you have the option to register. You simply enter your email, phone number and set a password and you can log in at any time using your name and see your finances in one place.

I see the advantage primarily in the fact that you do not have to have your own demo account, which is common with other crypto exchanges, and above all, there is no need to download the application.

After registration, you simply log in and you can trade as you like.

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Broker fees may vary and change, and there may be additional fees that are not listed in this review. BITmarkets has lower trading fees compared to its competitors such as Kraken, Coinbase or Poloniex. It has also launched a new rebate system that rewards those who trade in higher volumes. The higher the volume, the lower the fees. The only downside is slightly more expensive withdrawals.

Referral and bonus program for clients

What really excited me, however, is the very transparent program for the company’s clients. Business is all about referrals and this company is well aware of that. So it offers its clients, whether they have experience with crypto or not, the opportunity to earn from these referrals, lower their own trading fees and earn for the referrals of our other friends.

Example: I will recommend the company to my friend. I will get 10% of the cost of his fees, 5% of the earnings for referring his next friend and I will also arrange a 10% discount on his trading fee for 30 days. All my benefits and earnings are unlimited. So if I create working merchants who will continue to recommend, I am guaranteed an interesting income for the rest of my life.

Contacts and social networks

BITmarkets is a modern and progressive company that is aware of where people spend their time. Social networks are an integral part of our daily lives.

If you scroll all the way down on the company’s website, you can visit the company’s social networks, starting with Facebook , Instagram , and LinkedIn, for example , with a simple click . You can follow social networks and you are sure that you will definitely not miss any important information from the world of cryptocurrencies.

For many people, the phone is an extension of their hand. BITmarkets knows this well too , so they have created a mobile application that you can use just like the company’s website. Using this application, which can be very easily downloaded from the Appstore or Google play, you can make deposits using your payment card or e-wallet very easily. The minimum withdrawal is $100, but unfortunately the deposit is a bit higher at $250.

In the same place, you will also find a contact us tab, where you can contact the company by email with questions, orders and any legal questions. Unfortunately, I perceive one minor shortcoming here, and that is that the client cannot contact the company by phone, chat or possibly a video call with a crypto exchange who would help with an acute problem.

Review summary

So if we were to summarize…


  • Large number of tradable cryptocurrencies
  • Ease of trading
  • Security, but simplicity
  • Transparent even for new traders
  • Mobile application
  • A very interesting reward program for clients
  • A simple and interesting website
  • Low fee on trading


  • High minimum deposit
  • Missing phone number
  • Impossibility of online consultation with the crypto exchange using chat or video chat

The advantages that the cryptocurrency exchange provides us are much greater than the disadvantages. So if you are a fan of the crypto world, is the right place for you.

Overall Rating:

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