About us

The goal of the website

Selectbroker.net is a platform that aims to make it easier for its readers to make a decision when choosing a broker.
The decision with which broker to invest is usually very complex and important, because it involves saving real money. On this website, we try to include all the most famous brokers, so that comparison and selection of the best one is possible.

Responsibility for information

Please note that the information on this website is not intended as financial advice, but only as a basis for your decision.

When investing funds, you should always take into account your financial situation and take into account that capital markets are highly risky.

The reviews published on this website are written without bias. We approach the assessment as if we were investing our own money. Even so, consider all available information and don’t base your decision on just one source.

Website development

We are open to suggestions for improving the website and will be happy to write a review of the broker according to your wishes. In that case, contact us in the comments or at the email address support@alminacorp.com