Secrets of the Best Customer Service

Peter Svoren, CEO of Ozios, interviewed on the Dubai business community as well as on priorities of a successful broker in the online trading environment

Congrats to winning the Best Customers Services Award at the the Brokersview Expo 2024! But prior to the topic, I would like to ask about the calamity that took place in Dubai during the event in April.

Sure. Due to the heavy rain and flood, which is not typical weather in Dubai, the transport and some other facilities were collapsing. On the other hand, all the important infrastructure operators coped well with the bad weather and the city recovered quickly from the calamity.

Did the Expo organizer manage well the difficulties?

I am very grateful to people of Brokersview Expo 2024 for handling the situation and being able to keep up with the program. Numerous attendees from all around the world, forex brokers, traders, financial and investment experts could still have an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry leaders, gain insights into the latest market trends, and explore innovative trading technologies and strategies.

You were one of the sought-for experts on the floor. What were the main speaking points you shared?

As the financial technologies, including incorporation of AI in trading platforms and strategies, dynamically evolves, the role of financial and, especially, trading education becomes essential. Not only for newbies but also for experienced traders and investors it is worthy studying the latest developments. And the same applies to employees in trading industry. As they are on the front they must be familiar with all the new features as well.

Is this the secret behind your success at the Expo? I mean prioritizing the education?

Indeed, we pride ourselves on being strong in trading education, in tutorials and discussions on trading strategies within the Ozios’s community.

But to win the Best Customers Service Award there must be much more behind the scenes of Ozios’s performance.

No doubt, reflecting individual needs of our clients we have been making sure they have access to all leading technologies and tools to get edge in online trading. They can choose from major trading platforms MetaTrader5 and xStation. They can take the use of not only the Ozios mobile app and exclusive analytical area ‘Zone’, but also take the full advantage of Autochartist, among many other helpful tools

Well done. Last, but not least. You have made a strong footprint amongst the Dubai trading community. However, your company is licensed in the EU. Are you looking into new markets?

We stay focused on Europe. Licensed at Cyprus, our investment company serves customers in a number of EU countries. United Arab Emirates, of course, pays to be one of the world’s most attractive destinations for businesses based on online technologies such as Ozios is. However, our expansion on the local market is not on the agenda so far.